Process Engineer

Ryno Pretorius started a career as a consulting engineer while completing his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. He started off as a computational fluid dynamic simulation consultant, and built his consulting services out to the design and development of various processes. He established his own company which has close ties to Thermtron Scientific, and has been full time employed by Thermtron Scientific since 2016.


Ryno has research and development experience in the mining, nuclear and fluorine chemical industry. He also has experience in the general process engineering field in terms of process optimization and process design. Ryno has been representing Thermtron Scientific in national level resource consulting projects where the long-term development of various natural resource value chains are being investigated and exploitation plans are being developed. Ryno is currently completing his Ph.D. studies in chemical engineering in the field of fluorine chemical process design and is pursuing commercialisation of two patents; one in line with his Ph.D. and a second in continuous electrolysis.

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